Leadership style and purpose

As with any organisation, leadership style and purpose are incredibly important. I want to be clear and transparent about how I would lead council, so that if you vote for me, you know exactly what you get.

Positive change for Waipā

Here’s what I am offering the district if you vote me in as Mayor:

  • Energy and vitality – I believe it is time for new leadership.  We need renewed enthusiasm and focus. I’m ready. 
  • Relatable and approachable – We deserve leadership that is connected and open-minded.  I will be a flexible thinking mayor who can empathise with needs and aspirations of people of all ages and from all walks of life. 
  • Clear Communication –  The community deserves clarity. I know the importance of timely and clear communication with people – my legal career taught me this.  
  • Independence – Good governance means holding our Executive to account and to make sure the plans and projects our communities ask of us are actually completed on time, within budget and following best practice. I would see this as a key part of my role as Mayor.
  • Collaboration – A successful Mayor will combine sound judgement with an ability to collaborate and work together with other Councillors and stakeholders. I will work tirelessly to deliver improved outcomes for the whole community.
  • Real progress – “Business as Usual” is not an option. In many areas, we need to go from “good” to “great”.  We have a fantastic district and our leaders to date have got us this far but now we need a fresh approach to leadership in these challenging times.  I’m not suggesting we radically depart from our general direction of travel but Waipā District Council should constantly be asking “could we be doing this differently or better?”   As Mayor, I would ensure that Council delivers.

Further information about me

I’ve also written elsewhere on this site about my vision, my background and my track record.