Key issues

The Waipā district faces a range of issues – let’s deal with them head on.

On this page I outline my view on how we should tackle key issues facing our community, positively and for the best outcomes for the future.

Aerial view Leamington, Cambridge

A thriving economy

We want a strong Waipā economy where all businesses can flourish, benefitting the whole community. 

  • We need to work on creating greater opportunities to bring businesses into the district which will bring more employment opportunities 
  • We should take pride in our strong primary agriculture sector who are the mainstay of our local economy
  • We must encourage domestic visitors to boost local spend
  • We should strengthen support for ‘buy local’
  • We need to promote ethical ways of production and doing business.

Well-planned housing development

Purchasing a home in Waipā has got to be more affordable. Any future development must be well-planned and provide options for those aspiring to own a property. 

For people building here, I appreciate the added costs and timings around consents can be extremely frustrating and this is something that we need to really work on.

We need to introduce common sense in our District Plan so development and building costs are more realistic and affordable. For compliance and regulatory issues outside the district’s control, I’ll advocate to central government on your behalf to try and make things easier for all of us.

Safe and healthy communities 

Waipā should be a safe place to live and work. We must continue our work to reduce antisocial behaviour, keeping boy racers, ram raids and vandals at bay. At the same time, it’s important that we strengthen and maintain those systems that are in place to manage emergencies and unplanned events that put people at risk.

We need to strengthen connections to community support networks and organisations that protect our more vulnerable residents and keep everyone who lives here safe and well. 

Looking after the environment

It is personally really important to me that we continue to commit to conserving and restoring our natural environment including our precious maunga, awa and wetlands. As a local farmer, I lead by example in this area, and whether I am chosen as your next Mayor or not, I will continue to encourage and support others to do so.

There are also much wider environmental challenges. We need to look for ways to transition into a more circular economy.  We need to apply and adopt the big changes in front of us in the waste minimisation and resource recovery space considering the Waipā context and make it work for us. 

We need to understand and mitigate our organisational carbon profile and prepare for the effects of climate change.  We also need to support all businesses and organisations in Waipa to understand how they might transition into a low emissions economy to address these global challenges.   We need to empower our communities and  make decisions which are positive for the environment, and for future generations.

Morning view at our farm Judge Valley Dairies

Better transportation

We need to commit to finding better and more efficient means of transporting people and freight around and through our district. 

This will require different focus areas, including: 

  • Improved coverage of Public Transport (when population allows)
  • Development of ride-sharing options
  • An addition river crossing in Cambridge when co-funding is secured
  • An improved rural roading network
  • Continuing to support sensible cycling and walking routes to widen people’s choice of transport

Transparency and having your say

It’s no secret I am a passionate advocate for fairness and transparency when it comes to local government decision making. 

You have the right to access and provide feedback on all issues relating to your rates, whether it’s about dog control, recycling, parking, transportation, water, parks, or the allocation of community funding. 

I’ve been fighting for transparency and open engagement for six years, and will continue to do this as your Mayor.

Further information about me

I’ve also written elsewhere on this site about my vision, my leadership style, my background and my track record.